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The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority was established to ensure the region remains a world class destination.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that visitation to the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks is both accessible and respectful to our environment and the Traditional Owners alike.

We are the public land managers for the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks, overseeing a wide variety of public land from National Parks to coastal beaches to town foreshore and enabling community access for a range of uses.

Alongside our Traditional owners and Parks Victoria, we have created a planning and visitation policy that is specific for the region to manage visitation ‘hot spots’ and ensure a great visitor experience. 

Formed out of the desire to deliver a more coherent approach to addressing the challenges of increasing visitation and climate change, the Authority has become a single point for access and accountability.

All revenue raised through our commercial endeavours is reinvested back into the coast to ensure that the region can be enjoyed now and for generations to come.